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  Security Services Wherever You Are

Rescue International has launched the world’s first suite of Personal and Corporate Security Services available online, to protect the safety of its members and their families and organisations. We provide best in class security services that your usual security provider at home might not provide, and security extractions abroad which may require specialist expertise that isn’t available if your travel insurance declines to cover you.

Rescue International can help.

  Security Expert Booking

Our Pandemic Plan members have access to Security Expert Advice 7 days a week with a choice of security experts from a wide background including private security consultants, ex-Royal Marines and ex-special ops police officers.

  24/7 Emergency Security Advice Service

We provide 24/7 Emergency Security Advice Service by videolink or phone in the event of a life threatening situation if local emergency services are unavailable or uncontactable. In some countries like South Africa, we have access to the national license plate database to track vehicles after carjacking incidents. Free for Pandemic Plan members subject to fair use policy.

  24/7 Security Response

Our Security Response Service employs an extensive network of security protection operatives and ex-forces teams that can be deployed worldwide to extricate our members to the closest place of safety in life threatening situations.

  Emergency Evacuation Jet Charters

Our Emergency Evacuation Charter Service levers our international network of government contacts who understand our mission and reputation and stand ready to assist in the right circumstances. We have an extensive fleet of private jet aircraft at our disposal and can provide highly experienced ex-forces security personnel, flight doctors and nurses as security or medical needs dictate. Quotes can often be turned around in 15 minutes.

  Security Information Guides

2020 has seen a global deterioration in security. Crime is rising, and this is likely to continue until the devastating economic effects of the pandemic eventually ease.

It can be hard to find online information you can trust. Misinformation and half-truths abound. Our Security Information Guides provide solid advice you can trust to secure your family and your assets against the threat of car jackingfarm attackdomestic assaultburglaryrobberyarson & ATM scamming.