International Travel Assistance 7

  International Travel Assistance

Rescue International provides a full range of international travel assistance services for individualsfamilies, teams and organisations when they are travelling abroad, including additional support that your existing travel insurance might not provide. Travel insurance policies are often bought cheaply without reading the terms and conditions carefully. If things go wrong and you rely on your policy you may find you aren’t covered for all the services you need.

Rescue International can help.

    Lost Passport and Missed Flight Support

If you lose your passport abroad, we can help with our Lost Passport Service, If you miss your flight and your airline denies responsibility, our Missed Flight Service includes holding and booking alternative flights at cost plus a booking fee if you aren’t covered by the airline.

        24/7 Travel Assistance if you Become Unwell

If you fall unwell while travelling, our International Assistance Services are invaluable to ensure you receive appropriate care in foreign hospitals and can get home as soon as possible. We can easily translate medical documents in foreign languages through our Online Medical Translation Service so you aren’t left in the dark.

We also provide 24/7 Emergency TeleMedicine and Emergency TeleSecurity services round the clock for our Pandemic Plan members if local services are unavailable.

          International Medical Evacuation Services

The Rescue International team has decades of experience caring for travellers abroad and flying them home safely. We offer a full range of foreign evacuation services from Medical Repatriation, Regional Medevacs, International Air Ambulance, Special Permission Charters and International Covid-19 Positive Evacuations.

Experienced International Assistance, when you need it most.