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  International Assistance

Falling ill while you are abroad can be incredibly stressful for you and your family. The standard of healthcare available varies enormously and language barriers can compound your difficulties. If you find yourself in hospital abroad without travel insurance, you can be in for a rough ride.

Costs can rise rapidly and many foreign hospitals take advantage of tourists and travellers by carrying out unnecessary test and procedures and are in no rush to minimise the length of your stay. Yet according to ABTA, 38% of travellers planning holidays didn’t have travel insurance in 2019.

The team at Rescue International has decades of experience  with international case management, liaising with local doctors and foreign hospitals in almost every country worldwide, ensuring safety and minimising costs.

We can help.

Ensuring your Safety, Minimising your Bills

Provide us with details of your illness, location and local medical care and the Rescue International team will call the responsible local doctor to ensure they have the resources and expertise to care for you safely. We will discuss any tests or treatments that aren’t medically appropriate or necessary. We will also monitor the progress of your recovery and liaise with the local team to find the soonest opportunity to get you home safely.

We’re there for you!

If you fall unwell abroad, Rescue International will assist you in securing the best local healthcare available, liaise with the local doctors, monitor your care, help you avoid unnecessary costs and procedures, and advise you on the best time and mode to get home when you are ready. We charge £100.00 per day of liaison and support.

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