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  Corporate Services for Organisations

Rescue International builds enduring relationships with our corporate clients by taking the time to understand their organisations and the unique challenges they face, earning trust the hard way by consistently providing excellent levels of service.

We use experienced professionals with many years and often decades of experience assisting people and organisations in countries, situations and environments all over the world. So we have a deep understanding of international assistance, and what it takes to exceed your expectations.

  24 / 7 / 365 Global Call Centre

Instant access to world-class Medical or Security Incident Response Services by phone or SOS App alert via a 24/7/365 multi-lingual call centre based in London (available in 200 languages).

  Online Tracking & Risk Monitoring

Our Online Tracking and Risk Management Platform is a centralised web-based risk, tracking and alerting system that also provides up-to-date information and analysis on global security and business risks. It serves risk managers and security teams, strategic decision makers, HR and travel departments, and legal and compliance teams worldwide.

  SOS-enabled Mobile Apps

One push SOS/ GPS/ checkin/ alerting smartphone app connected to the 24/7/365 call centre and designed to be an integrated travel management and emergency response solution to minimise delays in the event of an emergency.

  Close Protection Services

Western-level Close Protection meet & greet transport services to maximise flexibility and security between journeys world-wide, including bespoke CPO selection, SUVs, armoured vehicles, and required local services such as MOLPOLs in Nigeria.

  International Medical Response

Many countries abroad pose serious time-critical risks in the event of a medical emergencies such as major trauma during road traffic accidents, or medical emergencies such as heart attacks or stroke. Hours or even minutes can make the difference between good and disastrous outcomes. Rapid Evacuation to medical centres able to provide western levels of emergency care can be life or limb saving or avoid permanent disability in relatively young employees. The majority of insurance policies are not set up to respond rapidly or decisively and administrative and communication issues often delay definitive care.

  International Security Response

Our International Security Response Service employs an extensive network of security protection operatives and ex-forces teams that can be deployed worldwide to extricate our clients’ assets to the closest place of safety in life threatening situations.

  Emergency Escalation & Evacuation Planning

Emergency Escalation Plans are designed to confirm roles, responsibility, organisational structure and financial authority channels to be initiated during an emergency and/ or an evacuation situation. Any company with international assets wishing to prepare themselves for emergencies should have one.

  Insurance Gap Analysis

Consultancy to explore the gap between current plans, policies and checklists and the level of preparedness we would recommend to align with threat analysis, existing insurance policies (employer’s liability, medical and travel) & the company’s duty of care to its employees.

  Kidnap & Ransom Negotiation

The successful resolution of Kidnapping & Ransom Events requires rapid deployment of a highly experienced and capable negotiators. They are in short supply globally and often not covered in by insurance policies. Rescue International has access to some of the best, at short notice.

  Obligation-free Quotations

To find how Rescue International can transform your organisation’s international risk profile, please contact us.