Most residential burglaries occur during daylight hours when criminals suspect the house may be empty due to people being at work. Criminals will always be looking for an easy target and a number of measures can be implement in order to deter them from committing crime at your home. These crime prevention measures will also protect your property during the night time hours when burglaries can become a very frightening experience if the intruder is in your house when you are asleep.

How to avoid burglary

1. Intruder Alarm – system or a dummy alarm box with a flashing light at the front of your property. Alarm systems include Perimeter beams and internal movement detectors depending on the level required. These can be activated during both day and night and adapted accordingly.
2. Security Camera System – Cameras or dummy cameras mounted in a prominent position at the front and back of the property.
3. Security Locks/ Window Bars & locks/ internal locks to bedrooms so the vulnerable occupant is safe overnight.
4. Low front boundary – keeping shrubbery bushes and walls at the front of the property at a reasonable level so potential burglars have nowhere to hide.
5. Secure side gates and entry to rear of the property – keep side gates locked. Open gates mean criminals can easily again access to the rear your property without being seen by passers-by or neighbours.
6. High side and rear boundaries fences – trellis and spiky defensive planting; keep hedges, walls and fences around your back garden high.
7. Gravel driveway and path – make it harder for criminals to go undetected.
8. Security light with movement sensors ; install at both front and rear of house so intruders can’t approach without being seen.
9. Secure your outbuildings – always keep these locked and secured. Often sheds contain valuables such as power tools and bicycles.
10. Never leave tools lying around – they can be used as a way of breaking into your home.
11. Keep the house and car keys safe – out of view when at home, and away from your front door. It’s not uncommon for car keys to be stolen from inside your home by thieves fishing for them with a stick and hook through the letterbox.

What to do if you’ve had a burglary

1. Call the police and your security company. If your security company is linked to your alarm they may already be aware.
2. Don’t touch anything until forensics officers have finished examining the scene. Take photographs if you can.
3. When appropriate cancel any stolen cards and contact your cell phone provider if your phone is missing.
4. Make a note of any keys that are missing and change locks if required.
5. Make an inventory of stolen items and contact your insurance provider.
6. Revise your home security and seek further crime prevention advise in covering the point of entry gained.

Please note – your safety is far more important than the possessions in your house. If you are at your property during a burglary, call the police immediately and do not try to apprehend the criminal in your house. If you are in a locked area of the house stay put and if you have a panic alarm then trigger the alert to inform your security company.

More Information

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