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  Medical Services

Rescue International provides comprehensive and professional medical assistance to support travellers, their families and their organisations abroad. We understand how difficult it can be when you or loved ones fall sick in foreign countries.

Rescue International can help.

  International Medical Assistance

Finding good medical care abroad can be extremely challenging. Yet getting the right advice and treatment is often time critical.

If you fall unwell while travelling our International Assistance Services are invaluable to ensure you receive appropriate care in foreign hospitals, avoid unnecessary costs, and get home as soon as possible.

We can recommend appropriate healthcare facilities and trusted providers from our international database, and provide full contact details and directions from your current location.

Once you are getting the best care possible our doctors can help by calling the local doctor to rapidly understand the diagnosis and treatment plan and explain to you in simple terms in your own language. We provide a written summary of each conversation at the end of each call.

We can also easily translate medical documents in foreign languages so you aren’t left in the dark.

We also provide 24/7 Emergency TeleMedicine and Emergency TeleSecurity services round the clock if local services are unavailable.

      Medical Evacuation Services

The Rescue International team has decades of experience caring for travellers abroad and flying them home safely. We offer a full range of foreign evacuation services from Medical Repatriation, Regional Medevacs, International Air Ambulance, Special Permission Charters and International Covid-19 Positive Evacuations.

Experienced International Assistance, when you need it most.

  Emergency TeleMedicine

Rescue International runs a 24/7 Emergency TeleMedicine Advice Service available globally, so you can always reach someone in the event of a limb or life threatening emergency if local emergency services are unavailable or uncontactable. Our Field Medicine Guides can also keep you going until help arrives.

  Online Health Consults

If you’ve been unlucky enough to fall ill abroad you know how language and cultural barriers can make getting the right information difficult. In an emergency you might not have time to wait for your insurance company to respond.

You can book a consultation with an experienced nurse, paramedic or doctor online and discuss any medical topic you choose 7 days a week. Complete our quick online form and book an appointment live online whenever its convenient for you.

  Medication Review

Many of us are taking medication, but often new medication interacts with the ones you are already taking. And as medical research continually updates best practice, many healthcare providers don’t have the capacity to keep up. Sometimes breakthroughs are available but your own doctor isn’t aware yet – it has been estimated that the average time for medical research to make into mainstream medical practice is a staggering 17 years.

Rescue International provides a Medication Review Service for a list of medication against a set list of potential issues, interactions or alternatives and provide information & feedback for each which can then be discussed with the local treating doctor.