Coronavirus Air Ambulance 24/7 1

  Coronavirus Air Ambulance Service 24/7

Coronavirus infection rates continue to rise worldwide. Second wave spread and isolated outbreaks are commonplace. If you or one of your family is seriously unwell with covid-19 or any serious medical condition in a country that does not have the best medical facilities available, our international Coronavirus Air Ambulance service for coronavirus positive patients could be life saving.

Organising Coronavirus Air Ambulances requires Experience

The process of organising coronavirus air ambulances for covid-19 positive patients is complicated and difficult. It requires considerable experience and dedication to overcome all the barriers and obstacles currently in place with government healthcare departments, immigration officials and international airspace restrictions.

Coronavirus Air Ambulance Charter

Rescue International runs a Coronavirus Air Ambulance service using Personal Isolation Unit (PIU) pods, a fleet of international air ambulances, a team of experienced flight ops personnel, and intensive care doctors and nurses with full bio-protective PPE to transfer coronavirus/ covid-19 positive patients from almost anywhere in the world to a country with better healthcare facilities.

This can be expensive but ultimately life-saving. We quote on a case by case basis but always work hard to try to keep costs down for our members.