Field Medicine Guides 24/7 1

  Field Medicine Guides 24/7

Many of us experience an unexpected medical emergency at some point in our lives, with a stranger or even one of our own. After calling for help you may be required to help before emergency services arrive. And in remote areas you could be waiting a long time.

In the field medicine section of the Rescue International website we provide you with information on the vital actions you can consider taking to assist with life or limb threatening emergencies with little or no medical training if you have no immediate access to trained medical personnel.

It must be emphasised that this information does not constitute medical advice and is provided at your own risk. Without medical training some of these actions can be dangerous or life-threatening in themselves. If, after careful consideration, you decide the risk of intervening outweighs the risk of waiting, they may be life or limb-saving.

Life or Limb Threatening Conditions

We currently provide the following field medicine resources to guide your actions in the event of life or limb threatening conditions in the absence of local medical services

More Information on Field Medicine

We are constantly updating the Field Medicine Guides available to our members. If the information you require isn’t in this section or you would like to ask an expert directly, our Pandemic Plan allows you to book an Online Health Consultation 7 days a week.

In the event of an emergency, dial 112, 911, or in countries where these don’t work, look up the correct emergency phone numbers for ambulance, the fire service or the police in Rescue International’s full list covering all 200 countries.

If you believe your medical emergency is life or limb threatening and cannot access immediate help then Pandemic members can also access our emergency TeleMed Service or call our medical team.