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  Rescue International – About Us

Rescue International is an online healthcare, security and international assistance company built for the post-covid19 world. The nurses, doctors and security specialists that make up our teams have many years, often decades of experience assisting people in countries, situations and environments all over the world. So we have a deep understanding of people’s needs and challenges – at home and abroad, in different languages and cultures, and what it takes to make it better.

The Challenges you Face

The world in 2021 has changed. Humanity will surpass covid19 and other global shocks still to come, but in doing so we are evolving. In many parts of the world online healthcare is becoming the norm. Security concerns are mounting. And misinformation spreads faster than ever before.

Covid19 lockdowns have also caused many problems which will take years to work through. Economical hardship, the backlog of medical care as people stayed home, and the inevitable toll on our collective mental health are all pressing concerns. Even in first world countries, healthcare services had long struggled to keep up with demand and provide a proactive, responsive and personalised service to young and older people alike. Travel insurance rarely provides everything you need when things go wrong abroad.

This unmet need for greater support is higher than ever.

Why Rescue International Exists

Rescue International exists to help you face these challenges. Our aim is to provide best in class online health, security response and international assistance for people, families, teams and organisations who need help in 2021 and beyond. We provide easily accessible services when your usual healthcare or private security provider lets you down when you’re at home, and we’re ready to help if your travel insurance fails to deliver when you’re abroad. Rescue International is your global safety net.

Our membership structure allows us to build community, develop trust and learn from our clients about their particular needs – so we can evolve and adapt the services we provide. We have five different plans which allow our members to balance costs and cover – all the way from free to our premium Pandemic Plan level. To keep the price of our membership subscriptions down, our more time-intensive services are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Our Services and Commitment

We offer a comprehensive range of online health and security services including Online Doctors, Online Nurses, 24/7 Emergency Paramedic Consultations, Specialist Liaison and Medical Report Translation.

We also offer Online Security Expert Consultations and 24/7 Emergency Security Advice with professionals from wide backgrounds, including security experts, ex-Royal Marines and ex-Special Ops Police Officers, and a 24/7 Global Security Response Service.

As a global and professional medical and security services provider, we take privacy very seriously and have built sophisticated safeguards into our systems. Please refer to our privacy policy to understand our obligations in more detail and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions or feedback. We are open-minded to any ideas our members have. And we promise to consider every suggestion with serious consideration. If you are thinking about joining us, feel free to ask us a question on our online contact form.

Or if you’ve already joined our community, then thank you and welcome!

Wherever you are, we’re there for you.