Arson is a heinous crime that can result in serious loss of life. It is an ever-present risk for many commercial business premises but thankfully is usually less of a problem for private dwellings. However most arson attacks are committed at night by criminals, and if the occupants are sleeping it can result in disastrous consequences .

How to avoid arson

It is essential that arson attacks are factored into any fire risk assessment and plans are put in place to prevent or minimise the impact of a potential arson attacks on either commercial or private property. Here is a list of some things you can do to reduce the risk of an arson attack on your property.

1. Fire Doors Ensure when leaving the premises or when going to bed that all external and internal doors are closed. All doors to bedrooms and kitchen area should be fire resistant and fitted with a self- closing device. These together with an intumescent strip are essential to prevent the spread of fire and smoke throughout the property.
2. Alarm systems/smoke detectors Always make sure these are switched on and checked regularly to be in working order.
3. Security lighting and CCTV These are an effective deterrent against arson attacks and could identify the perpetrators should one take place.
4. Secure your rubbish bin area Be mindful of accumulated refuse and try to ensure it does not become a target for an arsonist who could use it to start a fire.
5. Keep updated with local Information Stay informed about arson attacks in the area by contacting your local police, security company or fire protection team.
6. Security protection/ Manned guarding On large premises/ farms that are particularly susceptible, you might consider employing night time security if possible.
7. External letterboxes These can be mounted to the wall to eliminate the risk of someone posting flammable materials through the front door.
8. Secure outbuildings Especially that contain flammable materials that could be used as accelerant.
9. Other Basic Prevention measures

  • Low front boundary, unobscured by trees and bushes
  • Secure side gates and entry to rear of the property
  • High side and rear boundary fences
  • Gravel driveway and path

What to do in the event of an arson attack

  • In a smoky, scary atmosphere, it’s easy to freeze, panic and become disorientated. The primary objective is to immediately, but safely, evacuate the building and make sure everybody is accounted for.
  • Act immediately but try to stay calm, making sure to raise the alarm to all other occupants. If possible call the emergency services.
  • Stay low in case of smoke or fumes and try and identify where the seat of the fire is in order to make an escape plan from the building.
  • Stay low in case of smoke or fumes and if possible use a wet face covering to assist with your breathing.
  • Don’t waste time getting dressed or searching for valuables.
  • Do not attempt to extinguish a fire unless you are trained to do so.
  • Wait for the emergency services making sure you are at a safe distance.

More Information

We are constantly updating the security information we make available. If the information you require isn’t in this section and you would like to ask an expert directly, you can make a Security Expert Booking 7 days a week. If you have a security emergency and require immediate assistance please call the local emergency services before contacting our security team.