Farm Attack

In urban areas, people are accustomed to providing their own security with basic alarm systems and either living independently or within security gated communities. For farmers, security is more difficult and expensive. They live in remote areas and have to rely on their own farm security systems as well as local coordinated security and farm watch, as they cannot always rely on a quick response from the police.

How to protect yourself from a farm attack

There are a number of crime prevention measures that can be implemented in order to minimise the risk of a farm attack. These are important in protecting the safety and wellbeing of the farm owners and families as farm attacks can occur both during the day or night. They have the aggravating feature of being remote and sometimes have the potential to escalate if the intruders are armed. These are some general points and helpful advice to keep you and your family safe.

Alarm Monitoring and Armed Response Local security companies will provide 24/7 cover in monitoring alarm systems, regular armed patrols and provide an armed response. They work together with and are in radio communication with the local Farm Watch response team.

Farm Watch These groups within the farming and rural communities use radio communication to coordinate mutual assistance between farmers, local volunteers, and private security companies.

Asset Protection/ Manned guarding  Main entry gates can either be maned with a security guard and/ or use cameras and mobile phone technology.

Electric Fencing Installations can be used within the inner cordon surrounding the farm house accommodation and provide a non-lethal shock to deter potential intruders.

CCTV and Security light + movement sensors Although cameras themselves do not physically prevent crimes from occurring if they are used correctly they can be a very effective deterrent to criminals.

Internal security room/ Safe room Strong internal locks to bedrooms so that vulnerable occupants are safe during the night time period. Everybody within the family unit should be aware of a safe room within the property that can provide a safe shelter or hiding place in the event of a farm attack or other threat.

Other Basic Prevention measures

  • Security Locks/ Window Bars
  • Low front boundary, unobscured by trees and bushes
  • Secure side gates and entry to rear of the property
  • High side and rear boundary fences
  • Gravel driveway and path
  • Secure outbuildings
  • Keep all house and car keys hidden in a safe place

What to do if your farm is being attacked

1. Your safety is the primary concern so make sure you and family are safe and secure in a safe room within the property.
2. Activate the alarm – your security company will be linked to your alarm and they should be aware and make their way towards you.

3. Make sure the Police are contacted. In the event of an emergency, dial 112, 911, or in countries where these don’t work, look up the correct emergency phone numbers for ambulance, the fire service or the police in Rescue International’s full list covering all 200 countries.

4. Do not try to apprehend the criminal in your house as this can escalate into something more serious especially if they are armed with weapons. Give them your money and /or other valuables as it is important to remove the threat from your house as soon as possible.
5. Revise your home security and seek further crime prevention advice in covering their point of entry.

More Information

We are constantly updating the security information we make available. If the information you require isn’t in this section and you would like to ask an expert directly, you can make a Security Expert Booking 7 days a week. If you have a security emergency and require immediate assistance please call the local emergency services before contacting our security team.