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Wherever your team goes, we're there for you!

  • Silver Members enjoy priority support and 10% discount on online services including international medical assistance, security expert consults, medical report translation and medication reviews.
  • Gold Members enjoy higher priority support, 20% discount on online services, plus 24/7 access to Emergency TeleMedicine and TeleSecurity Consults.
  • Platinum Members get 30% discount on online services, 24/7 access to Emergency TeleMedicine and TeleSecurity Consults and access to the full range of service normally only available to corporate members - including full priority support, access to our global alarm call centre, SOS-enabled mobile app, online tracking, intelligence & risk management system and local alerts.
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Priority Support
Global Alarm Center
  SOS-Enabled Mobile App
Online Tracking & Local Alerts
Risk Assessment Intelligence

Online Assistance

Medical Assistance£100.00/ day-10%-20%-30%-30%
Security Consults£50.00/ session-10%-20%-30%-30%
Medical Translation£35.00/ A4-10%-20%-30%-30%
Medication Review £100.00/ review-10%-20%-30%-30%
Emergency Telemedicine
Emergency Security Advice

Deployed Services

Close Protection Services
Security Response 24/7
Emergency Planning
  Insurance Gap Analysis
  Kidnap & Ransom Negotiation

Evacuation Services

Medical Repatriation
Field Medevac
International Air Ambulance
COVID 19+ve Evacuation
Security Evacuation Charters

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Group Membership Plans

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Rescue International is a unique organisation which allows teams, families or organisations access to a wide variety of medical and security services anywhere in the world. Many services are provided for free and others billed on a pay-as-you-go basis.


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Wherever your team goes, we're there for you!

  • Full suite of online health and security services, from online consultations and 24/7 emergency cover, to dedicated armed response units that can be deployed globally. All from your mobile or laptop.
  • International assistance anywhere you can get online or have a phone signal. Local medical care oversight, cost containment, medical repatriation or air ambulance evacuation - when you need it most.
  • The information you need, when you need it - covering 200 countries worldwide
  • Discounted rates and ability to change the members in your team online