Specialist Liaison 1

  Specialist Liaison

Getting an appointment with a specialist is often critical to treating your medical problems, but their time is expensive and it can be hard to remember all the questions you want to ask when you’re there. Also some medical experts aren’t always good at explaining complicated medical problems in easy to understand language. Surgeons, for example, are often so busy they have little time to explain everything you want to know.

With your consent, our doctors will call your specialist to discuss his or her opinion then arrange an online meeting with you to discuss their advice, explain in lay terms, and answer any generic questions on related medical information. We provide a written summary of each specialist liaison at the end of the call.

This service is free for pandemic members (subject to fair use policy) and costs R1,950.00 for Gold and Platinum members for each interaction. If English is particularly difficult and translators are required there may be an extra charge.