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  Operation Information 24/7

Surgical operations are an important intervention for many medical conditions. Surgical emergencies can even be life or limb saving. In the event of an emergency, dial 112, 911, or in countries where these don’t work, look up the correct emergency phone numbers for ambulance, the fire service or the police in Rescue International’s full list covering 200 countries.

You must give informed consent before any surgical operation unless you are incapacitated, so understanding the purpose of the operation, its risks and benefits and what to expect afterwards is critical.

Rescue International members have access to continually updated surgical operation information which provide reliable information you can trust. Click the + icon in the right hand column to see links to all the topics we cover.

Commonest Emergency Operations

We currently provide operation information on the most commonly encountered emergency surgical procedures at Rescue International

More Operation Information

We are constantly updating the operation information available to our members. If the information you require isn’t in this section or you would like to ask an expert directly, our Pandemic Plan allows you to book an Online Health Consultation 7 days a week.