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  Medical Test Information 24/7

Doctors need information before they can recommend treatments or give medical advice. Most information comes from the history – the answers you give to their questions. Physical or virtual examination are also important. But medical tests and investigations are often critical to making the correct diagnosis. But where can you find reliable medical test information on the internet?

In this section of the Rescue International site, we explain the common types of medical tests and medical investigations used, how to prepare for them, what to expect, and what the results can help diagnose. Click the + icon in the right hand column to see links to all the topics we cover.

Medical Tests and Investigations

We currently provide medical test information for these commonly required investigations

More Medical Test Information

We are constantly updating the information available to our members. If the information you require isn’t in this section or you would like to ask an expert directly, our Pandemic Plan allows you to book an Online Health Consultation 7 days a week