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  Reliable Medical Information 24/7

Medical information is widely available on the internet, but much of it is misleading or outdated. Rescue International knows from years of experience in healthcare that people need reliable medical information but often can’t get it. Family doctors and medical specialists are busy, questions are forgotten during appointments, and the internet is full of misinformation.

Rescue International’s online medical information resources provide you with online healthcare and security resources you can trust. We update it regularly and make it understandable and easy to read so you can get the answers to the questions that are important.

  Breaking Medical News

Our Breaking News section is a live news feed from several news outlets across the world, updated in real time and offering local medical and security news relating to healthcare, coronavirus, lockdown, security and crime. All the news you need in one place.

  International Healthcare Statistics

Our International Statistics page covers changing medical information in other countries – 200 countries in fact. We cover covid19 statistics including confirmed covid19 cases, confirmed covid19 deaths and lockdown stringency for each country. But also the level of healthcare available, how dangerous the country is and which flight options and quarantine arrangements are in place during pandemics.

      Disease, Diagnostic and Surgical Operation Guides

We provide dozens of articles on medical illness, diagnostic tests, surgical operations and procedures, in easy to read format, all being reviewed and updated regularly as scientific research is released by nurses, doctors and paramedics – all experienced and experts in their fields.

  Field Medicine Guides

Our field medicine guides take first aid to the next level. Pandemics can push healthcare systems beyond capacity, leaving you waiting for ambulances or without a bed available in your local hospital. We provide the information you might need to save your life, or a loved one if you can’t access local medical care.

  Medical Information on Coronavirus

Of all the challenges we face getting reliable medical information, it is perhaps with coronavirus that we face the greatest challenges.

Our Coronavirus Guides are written by expert physicians, kept up to date as evidence emerges, and covers transmission, testing, treatment, prognosis and statistics. We scan the medical literature through bespoke medical intelligence aggregators to ensure we don’t miss the latest developments.

  Access to Medical Information Resources

Rescue International Members have access to different sections of our medical information section according to their level of membership. For more details, please check on our membership plan page. Families, teams and organisations can organise access through Rescue International’s Group Membership Plans.

  Ask an Expert – Online Health Consultations

We are constantly updating the information available to our members but sometimes specific questions you have may not be covered. If you can’t find the medical information you require and you would like to ask an expert directly, our Pandemic Plan allows you to book an Online Health Consultation 7 days a week online through our live booking system. So you can find out more while you wait to be seen by your family doctor or specialist.